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Our Scope of activities are diversified and span into various geographical areas from Middle East, Asia, Europe to South America e.g. Bax Global Shipping (Flordia) ENERGOINVEST (Bosnia & Herzegovina), METIS (Turkey), KU-IT (Italy) & REED Security Services (Iraq)., EBV-EEC and UIT (USA), KingStar (based in Dubai), SwedPower (Sweden), ASCOM ( Switzerland), SIAMSTEEL (Thailand), INDUSTRIAL MACHINERY GROUP (Russia), CEMENT (Greece). Corwin Company (USA), DKA (USA), Al-Wala’a Services (Iraq), AIM Group (Afghanistan)

The above are just a few examples of how we partner and increase core capabilities though sound strategic relationships while passing the efficiencies and cost savings on to our customers.

AWS Corporate Support

Utilization of our corporate resources ensures our partners that ULI is striving for Quality Control and Customer Satisfaction at all levels of performance. Beyond on site Project Management, ULI provides additional benefits for projects to include:

  • Computerized skills inventory listings, updated by Human Resources, facilitate location of employees most appropriate for assignment. with a diverse database of recruits at a moment’s notice
  • Corporate Quality Control and Safety Organization oversight, including project audits, to evaluate quality and safety standards and enforce corrective action.
  • Finance Department support and guidance to the Project Manager.
  • Procurement support to fulfill requirements in purchasing, subcontracting and small business goals, and internal oversight of FAR, FRAGO contracting stipulations to be compliant at all times within the SOW requirements.
  • Human Resources Department assistance in recruiting, personnel policies, employee benefits, programs and labor relations, with a diverse database of new recruits.
  • Environmental & Safety expertise in the areas of hazardous and toxic wastes, remediation, and studies.

Through the application of these corporate assets, we have become a valued contractor with the Department of the Air Force, Army, Department of State, Army National Guard and various other local, State and Federal agencies.

AWS Global Service Capabilities

The combination of AWS’s proven history, current contracts, and the broad based experience of AWS’s Management team has resulted in a service capability as diverse as the client base we have served. The following matrix exemplifies this combined service capability and client experience.

Government/Commercial/Industrial Integrated Services

ServicesIraqAfghanistan Haiti KuwaitTexasVirginiaPennsylvaniaLouisiana
O&M Program Management/ Consultingxxx     
Supply/Purchasing/Stock Room Managementx xxx   
Project Controlsxxx     
Quality/Safety Programsx       
OEM Automotive Parts GM, Ford, Dodge and Chryslerxxxxxxxx
Security Services US Guard Level IIx x    x
Fire Protection & Emergency Systemsx      x
Environmental Compliance Programs    xxxx
Base Life Support Operationsx       
24 Hour Operations 800 on call number for overseas xxxxxxxx
HVAC O&Mxxx x   
Electrical Systems & Distribution Systemsxxx     
Water Plant & Distribution Systemsx x     
Plant Equipment O&Mx x     
Power Plant O&Mx x     
Gas/Oil Distribution Systemsx x     
Waste Water Plant O&Mx x     
Facilities Maintenancexxx x   
Government Military/Security Trainingxxx  x x
Major Maintenance Repairxxx     
K9 Services (Bomb/Man Tracking)x    x  
Warehousingxx xx   
Transportation Servicesxxxx    
Grounds Maintenance        
Material Control Systemsx x