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Our Services

AWS provides high-quality government products and support services, with over 34 years of combined experience.  Incorporated in 2010, AWS currently serves multiple United State Government agencies, supporting the DoD (including Army, Air Force and Marine Corp), DoS at every Regional Embassy Office, DoJ, DoI, DHS, TSA, US Border Patrol, and many other US law enforcement agencies.

AWS has built a reputation of delivering quality goods and services that meet or exceed our client’s requirements and expectations with solid past performance.  By valuing hard work and customer-driven performance, AWS has consistently achieved triple digit growth since 2012.  The tenets of our success in building strong client relationships are as follows:


Taking a lead from the Federal Government, our values of integrity, innovation, imagination, and intuition are integrated into the organization’s overall strategy.


Due to the hard work, constant training, dedication, experience, and military backgrounds, our personnel and management can accomplish the full range of tasks associated with every project’s Statement of Work.

Customer Best Value

The importance we place on providing quality service at the best price is the key to customer satisfaction and to our overall success.  Offering customer-friendly service at a great value makes the AWS team one of the best in our diverse industry.


AWS customers receive the best value, benefiting from successful negotiating skills with manufacturers to keep costs as low as possible.  Quality services require proper training, a proactive quality program, and solid pay and benefits structure, all of which allow AWS to recruit and maintain the trained and skilled staff the Government requires and deserves.

Proven Performance

AWS continuously achieves high levels of quality service at affordable prices.  Our long-term commitment has been repeatedly demonstrated, from augmenting and upgrading our current fleet of transportation vehicles to better protect the US Army and Air Force logistical supplies, to ongoing efforts in our current 5-year contracts with the DoD, DoJ, DoS, Iraqi Army, and Afghanistan Army to provide Construction, Security, Transportation, Genuine OEM automotive parts and consulting services.

AWS Management

The AWS Management Team brings a wealth of global experience to the organization, spanning a vast range of services and industries.  Areas of experience include Life Support Operations, Logistics, Maintenance, Security Services, Transportation, O&M, Automotive Fleet Repair, OEM Auto Parts supplier and Construction Services.

Our team of more than 300 valued employees, supervisors, and managers is led by a core Management Team consisting of the following individuals:


Laura D. Miller

President and CEO

Laura Miller, MBA, MSN, RN, CNOR(E) is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Argent World Services, a Global Defense Company, providing multiple types of industry supplies and services to the United States Government. Since its inception in 2010, Laura has led the charge to develop Argent World Services into a multi-million dollar company by developing and executing a strategic vision and plan to support the warfighter and support the USG’s mission overseas. In addition to developing and executing that vision, Laura is responsible for the company’s overall growth and direction.

Laura lives in Spring, Texas with her husband, a US Army veteran. She has two adult children-one serving in the US Army and one attending the local college seeking a degree in education.  Laura is supportive of educational growth and holds a Masters of Business Administration and Masters of Science in Nursing with an Emphasis in Leadership.  In her spare time, Laura enjoys spending time with her fur babies and reading a good book.

Scott W. Geroux

Chairman and COO

Scott Geroux has 33 years of Military and Civilian experience and expertise in Law Enforcement, Contracting and many other areas.  Since 2005, he obtained contract awards exceeding $1.2 Billion from DOD, DOS, DOJ, Govt Printing Office, FEMA, GPO, Army Corp of Engineers, Homeland Security and Federal Protective Services to privately-owned security firms throughout the United States.

Scott’s US Army experience involved serving in Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Qatar, Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, Bosnia, Haiti, Israel, Kosovo, Pakistan, and Germany.  Assignments included Semi-Covert Investigator for the US Army Criminal Investigation Division, UN Peacekeeper in Somalia and Haiti, and many other military roles.

Additional comprehensive management experience has come from the DoD, DoS, and commercial contracting, in the areas of Operations Management, CONUS/OCONUS Contracts Management, Business Development and Financial Management.

Scott formed Argent World Services on the core values of mission first, profit second, trust and loyalty, which guide its services to each and every client.

James Lynch

Executive Vice President Information Technology, Marketing, Production Studios

Certified in many technical and leadership proficiencies, prior to working at Argent, James Lynch has 30 plus years in IT leadership and support, has been proven to be a role model in his field, has led major large scale projects to fruition, and has proven to be a major asset in one of the largest Children’s Hospitals in the world.

Being the first son of a USAF SSGT father at the end of the Vietnam Conflict, and moving all over the country as a child, James has grown to respect and cherish his position in this amazing company, and all of the Military diversity it has to offer.  

As a father of 3 and loving husband in Conroe, Texas, he loves nothing more than to spend time with his family, but when duty calls, he paves the way to modernizing and securing our Argent Business, bringing his LEAN philosophies, technological background, and leadership experience to the table.

Cindy Johnson

Accounting Manager

Cindy Johnson is a dedicated, highly driven, and detailed-oriented accounting professional in the Houston Metropolitan Area for the past 40 years. She currently works as the Accounting Manager for Argent World Services, LLC. She works closely with the CEO overseeing all outgoing and incoming transactions of the company to ensure that all financial transactions are accurately represented and balanced.

Cindy got her start in accounting management in bookkeeping working for Willis State Bank, a small town independently owned bank, she went on to be promoted into the proof department, where her duties were to balance the bank daily. She held many different positions and was highly sought after by many departments in her 15 years of banking.  She also worked for over 10 years with a Commercial Utility and Excavation Company doing payroll.  Not only did she handle the payroll for one company, but took on handling all the financial needs of their other start up company in Oil and Gas.  She has also worked at a Mortgage Company as an Account Technician. The company had some serious bookkeeping issues that needed to be solved.  Establishing and enforcing proper accounting methods, policies, and principles, she managed to reconstruct and establish a system for the company to carry on an accurate and seamless bookkeeping practice for their business.

Cindy has four boys, all of which are very accomplished.  Two of her boys served in 3 branches of the US Military.  She has seven Grandchildren and one Great Grandchild.  She loves family time the most, especially at the beach.  She enjoys abstract painting, floral arranging, and jewelry making.

Nathan Shem

Purchasing Agent

Nathan Shem attended Texas State University, where he completed his B.S. majoring in occupational workforce leadership studies.

Nathan comes from a strong background in sales and customer service with a plethora of experience across many different fields.

He is responsible for managing contracts, conducting market research, and negotiating best prices with manufacturing partners. While taking pride in his ability to deliver results and exceed expectations.

Currently working withing the purchasing division at Argent World Services motivated by the excellent leadership and values set before him.

Bradley Wilson

Purchasing / Production Studios

Bradley Wilson is a dedicated professional with a multifaceted background rooted in purchasing and procurement. Armed with a degree in Communications and Public Relations from the University of Texas at Austin, Bradley has cultivated a robust career journey primarily in SCC radio and TV production. His expertise extends beyond conventional procurement roles, showcasing a strategic prowess in vendor management, contract negotiation, and cost optimization.

With a solid foundation in communication and public relations, Bradley’s approach is distinguished by his ability to forge strong relationships with suppliers. His track record speaks volumes, marked by a consistent delivery of high-quality results and a penchant for creating value within his organization. Bradley stands out as a seasoned professional, blending his production acumen with an innate talent for public relations to drive success in the realm of procurement.

Mike Daugherty

Business Development Specialist

Mike Daugherty is an experienced individual with a diverse background in both military and private security work. He started his career in the Marine Corps as a Crew Chief on Amphibious Assault Vehicles, honing his skills in leadership and strategic thinking. After completing his service, Mike transitioned to working as a contractor in Afghanistan with a major international security defense company, where he gained valuable experience in security operations and project management.

 Currently Mike displays his key strengths and expertise in U.S. Government Business Development. He has a deep understanding of the intricacies of the procurement process. His strong communication skills and strategic thinking have enabled him to build strong relationships with government agencies and contractors, ultimately leading to successful partnerships.

Mike is also a master certified welder, and an experienced HVAC technician, showcasing his technical expertise and attention to detail.

Chase Johnston

Business Development Specialist

Chase Johnston is a Marine infantry veteran with a strong background in security management. After serving his country in the USMC, he pursued and completed a Bachelor’s Degree in Security Management to further develop his skills in the field. Following completion of his upper level education, Chase worked overseas with a major international security defense company under the Worldwide Protective Services (WPS/WPPS) program, where he gained valuable experience in high-risk environments to include Afghanistan.

Currently, Chase applies his expertise as a US Government Business Development Specialist. He utilizes his knowledge of security protocols and his military background to forge successful partnerships and secure government contracts, specializing in mobilization and ramp-ups. Chase’s dedication to protecting and serving his country is evident in his work, as he continues to provide critical security solutions for government agencies.

Jessica Russell

Warehouse Manager

Jessica Russell, a dedicated professional with a strong military-like precision, earned dual engineering bachelor’s degrees in manufacturing and mechanical engineering from Robert Morris University. With a robust background in additive manufacturing engineering, she possesses five years of hands-on experience in operating, maintaining, and providing training on General Electric’s Arcam Electron Beam Melting machines (metal 3D printers).

Transitioning seamlessly into a logistics and managerial role, Jessica’s expertise spans diverse industries, from serving prominent aviation and aerospace clients to supporting budding startup ventures. Her pivotal contribution to achieving ISO 9001 certification for a site underscores her commitment to excellence. Proficient in coordinating freight transportation logistics for health supplements, Jessica’s global team collaborations are marked by a steadfast dedication to delivering exceptional customer service and ensuring project success.

Karen Guzman

Accounting AP Clerk / Invoicing / Quotes / Projects

Karen Guzman has over a decade of experience in customer service and a meticulous approach to accounting and brings invaluable expertise to the table. Specializing in efficiently managing projects, quoting, and handling vendor invoices, she ensures accuracy and seamlessness in all accounts payable tasks. Her responsibilities extend to running aging reports, meticulously aligning purchase orders with vendor invoices, promptly addressing inquiries, invoicing customers, and swiftly resolving discrepancies, all while maintaining a positive and cheerful demeanor.

Beyond her professional role, Karen brings an optimistic outlook and a ready smile to the workplace. Her positive attitude is reflected in her passion for various interests, including exploring new cinematic experiences as an avid movie enthusiast and embarking on adventures to breathtaking destinations. Whether immersing herself in the beauty of nature during travels or spending quality time with her dog, she finds joy in life’s diverse experiences, bringing energy and enthusiasm to everything she does.

Haley Zwerneman

Accounting AR / HR / WW Area Workflow / DOD WAWF / PIEE

Haley Zwerneman is a seasoned professional adept in invoicing, accounts receivable management, and customer service, backed by a strong foundation in accounting. With a focus on accuracy and efficiency, she excels in following up with customers on invoices, processing payments, and reconciling customer accounts. Committed to community engagement, she has volunteered for 13 years at the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo, showcasing her dedication to teamwork and service.

Furthermore, Haley is proficient in navigating integrated enterprise environments, particularly in facilitating Wide Area Workflow (WAWF) submissions for payments to the Department of Defense (DOD). Blending her expertise in customer service and accounting, she is dedicated to delivering exceptional results while nurturing strong customer relationships. With a detail-oriented approach, she ensures seamless financial transactions and positive interactions. Beyond her professional pursuits, Haley enjoys traveling, golfing, and exploring culinary delights through cooking.

Ingrid Cedillos


As a US Army veteran, Ingrid Cedillos served as a 92A Logistics Specialist, exhibiting strong commitment, adaptability, and resourcefulness in managing logistics and supply chain operations. With over 12 years of experience in property management, she demonstrated expertise in leasing, tenant relations, maintenance coordination, and financial management, ensuring seamless operations and compliance with legal regulations. Additionally, her tenure at a non-profit organization showcased her dedication to community service, providing free tax filing assistance and aiding locals in accessing government programs. Currently serving as an Accounting Assistant, Ingrid excels in providing administrative support in a fast-paced office environment. Her proficiency in handling clerical tasks, prioritizing assignments, and utilizing office software enables her to efficiently manage data entry, filing, and correspondence.

Outside of her professional pursuits, Ingrid finds joy in crocheting and is fluent in Spanish, reflecting her diverse interests and skills.

Elijah Roman

Business Development Agent

Elijah Roman is a highly seasoned law enforcement professional with 6 years of dedicated service in various roles within the field including roles such as FTO (Field Training Officer), and Drug Interdiction for the US Criminal Justice system and US Defense Contracting Industry. His background includes training in correctional facilities, patrol operations, training officers, and narcotics enforcement. Through his years in law enforcement, Elijah has developed a strong understanding of the complexities and challenges of the criminal justice system, as well as a deep commitment to promoting public safety and serving his community.

Currently, Elijah has transitioned into the government contracting industry, where he leverages his extensive experience in law enforcement to drive business development initiatives. In his role, he works closely with government agencies to identify and pursue opportunities for collaboration and partnership. Elijah’s unique blend of hands-on experience and strategic insight allows him to effectively navigate the complex landscape of government contracting and deliver innovative solutions to meet the diverse needs of clients in the public sector.

Dustin Keith

Contracts Compliance Officer
Administration Services

Our Customers

Since its start-up in 2007 as Al-Wala’a Services, Argent has truly become a diversified Integrated Service Provider. The following customers illustrate this diversity and our commitment to accomplish and service just about any contract through our “big” business knowledge (not all inclusive):

Additionally, Argent has provided services for US Federal Government Manufacturing Facilities, US Regional Embassy Offices, International Commercial/Military Airports, US Military Bases and more.

AWS Strategic Partners

AWS has established strategic partnerships with subcontractors and suppliers, to provide clients with “on time”, quality services worldwide.  Regardless of global location or risk level, AWS has the resources and mobilization capabilities to perform any function, in any place, at any time.

From Government Man Camps to Commercial Manufacturing Facilities, Labor services to Supplies, Infrastructure/Construction to Transportation, Water Treatment Plants to Waste Management and the Security Services to protect it all, AWS can rapidly adapt services and procure the resources necessary to serve the full needs of every client.

Fedex Government, DHL Government Worldwide Support

Argent World Services has teamed up with the largest global reach delivery services at US. Government rates.  These teaming arrangements facilitate worldwide distribution for all AWS prime, GPO and micro-purchase government customers.

Anbar Enterprises Company, Middle East (Iraq)

Dubai Enterprises Company, UAE